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EA31337 is an advanced trading robot for Forex markets written in MQL.

This is the second major release after previous EA refactors.

The project aims to deliver fully working EA at the professional level with code compability for MQL4 and MQL5 at the same time.

It implements algorithms for managing multiple strategies on different timeframes at once.

The robot comes with over 35 strategies coordinated and controlled by the central algorithm. 

Each strategy analyses market on multiple timeframes at the same time. The market analysis is based on over 30 major technical indicators in real-time.

Release notes

  • Default settings has been optimized for EURUSD pair only with spread 10 points or less.
  • You can freely use this project for education or research purposes.
  • Open source code freely available.
  • Not suitable for real trading without proper knowledge or prior testing. Use it with caution.